Book Cover of The Yosemite

The Yosemite

by John Muir

The Yosemite by John Muir was published in 1912. Born in Scotland, England, this world-famous conservationist was a multi-talented genius. He was a geologist, naturalist, engineer, writer, botanist and a passionate and prolific writer on the preservation of the natural environment. His family migrated to America when he was just a few years old, the third of eight boisterous children. He went on to study chemistry at the University of Wisconsin, and had a moment of epiphany when a friend of his plucked a flower from a tree on campus to explain its botanical structure. An unfortunate accident almost cost him his eyesight and it was while he was confined to a darkened room to convalesce that he rediscovered his passion for nature and beauty.

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John Muir

Scotland, United States

John Muir also known as "John of the Mountains" and "Father of the National Parks", was an influential Scottish-American naturalist, author, environmental philosopher, botanist, zoologist, glaciologis...

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