Audiobook of The Tarzan twins

The Tarzan Twins

by Edgar Rice Burroughs

It is a thrilling adventure novel for those who love action and excitement. This classic book was first published in November 1963 and has since become a beloved children's classic. The story follows two adventurous young twins, Dick and Doc, as they embark on a thrilling journey through the African wilderness. Along the way, they encounter danger at every turn, including wild animals, hostile tribes, and treacherous landscapes. Burroughs' writing style is both engaging and immersive, transporting readers into the heart of the action and making them feel as though they are right there alongside the brave twins. The characters are well-developed and relatable, making it easy for young readers to connect with them and become invested in their journey. At its core, "The Tarzan Twins" is a story about courage, friendship, and the importance of standing up for what you believe in. It's a timeless tale that has remained popular with readers of all ages for decades. Overall, "The Tarzan Twins" is a must-read for young adventure enthusiasts. It's a classic book that has stood the test of time and continues to captivate readers with its exciting plot, well-developed characters, and universal themes. Whether you're a long-time fan of Edgar Rice Burroughs or a newcomer to his work, this book is sure to leave a lasting impression on readers of all ages.


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Edgar Rice Burroughs (September 1, 1875 – March 19, 1950) was an American speculative fiction writer, best known for his prolific output in the adventure, science fiction and fantasy genres. His...

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