Audiobook of The Thirteenth Chair

The Thirteenth Chair

by Bayard Veiller

Step into the opulent drawing room of a wealthy New York residence, where an air of suspense hangs heavy. As the Crosby family prepares to announce their son's engagement, an uninvited guest arrives, casting a shadow of uncertainty over the joyous occasion. This enigmatic stranger, known only as The Mysterious Stranger, claims to have been invited by the family's patriarch, Mr. Crosby. However, Mr. Crosby has no recollection of extending such an invitation, and the stranger's presence sparks a wave of unease among the guests.

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Bayard Veiller

United States

Bayard Veiller was an American playwright, screenwriter, producer, and film director who made significant contributions to the theater and film industries. Born in Brooklyn, New York, on January 2, 18...

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