History of the Great War, Volume Two

History of the Great War, Volume Two

by John Buchan

This is the second of a four-volume history of the First World War, covering the period from the opening of the Dardenelles Campaign in September 1914 through the first stage of The Battle of Verdun, stopping in mid-April, 1916. As David Reader noted for volume 1, "the author took a rather formal approach by describing the war from a more macroscopic level, packed with factual details, but from the perspective of a patriotic British national." - Summary by Lynette Caulkins

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John Buchan

United Kingdom

Buchan's 100 works include nearly 30 novels, seven collections of short stories, and biographies of Sir Walter Scott, Caesar Augustus, and Oliver Cromwell. He was awarded the 1928 James Tait Black Mem...

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