Audiobook of The adventure of poor Mrs. Quack

The Adventures of Poor Mrs. Quack

by Thornton W. Burgess

It is a children's book that tells the story of Mrs. Quack, a duck who is trying to find a new home for her family. The book was first published in 1917 and has since become a classic in children's literature. In the book, Mrs. Quack is forced to leave her old home due to danger, and she embarks on a journey to find a new home. Along the way, she meets new friends who help her in her quest. Children will love the charming characters and the heartwarming story of friendship and perseverance. "The Adventures of Poor Mrs. Quack" is not only an entertaining story but also a great tool for teaching children about nature and the importance of protecting wildlife. Thornton W. Burgess was known for his love of nature and his efforts to educate children about the environment through his books. His stories often feature animals and their interactions with each other, giving young readers a glimpse into the natural world. Overall, "The Adventures of Poor Mrs. Quack" is a delightful children's book that will capture the hearts of young readers and teach them valuable lessons about nature and friendship.

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Thornton W. Burgess

United States

Thornton Burgess was an American author, naturalist, and conservationist known for his children's books featuring animal characters. He was born in Sandwich, Massachusetts, in 1874, and grew up in a r...

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